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Epic Games Virtual Production Fellowship Program

I completed the Epic Games Fellowship Program. It was a fantastic and rigorous learning experience designed to introduce the game engine to experienced industry professionals in film, animation, and VFX. It was specifically focused on Virtual Production, with its use of Virtual Cameras, remote Motion Capture, Facial Capture, character retargeting real-time techniques beyond asset creation, animation, lighting. Our final individual project was a short Sequence Cinematic completed in four weeks.

A version of the toon-shaded, final project can be found HERE

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Unreal Bootcamp for VFX Professionals

Escape Studios, London

Framestore and DNEG sponsored program over the 2020 Summer. The objective of the program was to replicate the first shot from Alfonso Cuaron's film Children Of Men with the use of Unreal Engine, Houdini primarily. 

I configured an Amazon Web Server (AWS) and installed Perforce to have a team of artists from Australia, France, UK, and me in Los Angeles complete the assignment. The result can be found here ( HERE )

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The Third Floor and Halon Unreal Previsualization

Visual Effects Society - Los Angeles Section

Had an opportunity to go over the workflows and Unreal knowledgebase as it is used in the previz industry by industry leaders and Epic Games instructors. Emphasis on the use of the marketplace resource, lighting, and rendering pipelines.